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For Artists
Spinner loves to get station-ID's from artists that can be used to promote their music and the podcast.
So if you would like to record a station-ID for Bandana Blues, than please take notice of this:

A station-ID should have at least these two 'ingredients':
(1) your name (and if you are part of a band, the name of the band),
(2) these words: "Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner"

So the most simple station-ID is:
"Hi, this is <your name (of <bandname>)> and you are listening to Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner".

But ofcourse you can create your own line with the 'ingredients' mentioned above, or make it more special in any way you feel like it:
- play your instrument or add background music;
- mention the area you are from (country or state or town you are based at);
- add why it is smart to listen to Bandana Blues or why you (always) listen to Bandana Blues;
- sing it or make it rhyme;
- give it some sort of funny twist;
- or add whatever comes to your mind.

And in case you wonder... when your station-ID turns out to be NOT FCC-clean, don't worry, it will still be played at Bandana Blues!
Even Spinner uses explicit language every now and then.
Now, isn't that fun!

Send it to:

Thank you !!!

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