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For Artists
Bandana Blues loves to get station-ID's from artists that can be used to promote their music and the podcast.
So if you would like to record a station-ID for Bandana Blues, than please take notice of this:

A station-ID should have at least these two 'ingredients':
(1) your name (and if you are part of a band, the name of the band),
(2) these words: "Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner"

So the most simple station-ID is:
"Hi, this is <your name (of <bandname>)> and you are listening to Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner".

But... you can make it more special in any way you feel like it:
- play your instrument or add background music;
- mention the area you are from (country or state or town you are based at);
- add why it is fun to listen to Bandana Blues or why you (always) listen to Bandana Blues;
- sing it or make it rhyme;
- or add whatever comes to your mind.

And in case you wonder... when your station-ID turns out to be NOT FCC-clean, don't worry, it will still be played at Bandana Blues!
Now, isn't that fun!

Send it to:

Thank you !!!

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