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This website is dedicated to the founder of Bandana Blues:

Ted 'Beardo' Dames
December 20, 1951 - September 17, 2017
Beardo started Bandana Blues as a live internet radio program in 1999. Soon his longtime Dutch friend Spinner joined him by contributing pre-recorded sections from across the Atlantic ocean.
When podcasting became available, the boys turned the live radio program into a weekly podcast:
"BANDANA BLUES, with Beardo & Spinner".
Beardo & Spinner have produced more than 700 Bandana Blues episodes in the course of about 15 years.
All for the love of roots & blues music and to promote the artists and their great creative outbursts.
Most of the shows are still available for you to enjoy. Hit the "access to all Bandana Blues shows" button on the home-page to get there.

When Beardo suddenly passed away in 2017, Spinner decided to continue the podcast on his own in honor of his dear friend and to preserve the legacy.
So, since show #710 you can listen to: "BANDANA BLUES - founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner".

Every year around the date of Beardo's demise, Spinner produces a Memorial for Beardo, an episode in honor of his dear friend and founder of Bandana Blues. And for the annual Beardo's Birthday Bash in December, Spinner allways gets help from various listeners who request songs they want to dedicate to Beardo.
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