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Music Submission

For Artists
For over 20 years Bandana Blues has reached listeners in various places of the word with its weekly blues & roots music shows.
Bandana Blues is always looking for new music with that bluesy or rootsy touch that might please or surprise its audience.

So if you think your music makes the cut, please read on...

After the sad demise of Beardo in 2017, Spinner continued to produce the podcasts on his own and so Bandana Blues 'headquarters' relocated to The Netherlands. Because of this, the easiest (and cheapest) way to get your music to Bandana Blues is by sending it in digital format (e.g. .mp3 or .wav files).

You can submit music:
- by providing a link by which the music can be directly downloaded;
- by making use of the (free) service;
- or any other way that gets the music to Bandana Blues in a direct manner.
Make sure to also include some info (e.g. one-sheet) and/or the cover artwork.

Please, do not ask Spinner to open or login to a new account to get to the music, because he will not do such a thing.
It would drive him nuts if he had to do that for all the music submitted to Bandana Blues.

Do not hesitate to contact Spinner if you got questions or need more information:

Also, you can please Spinner by recording a so-called station-ID, to promote yourself and Bandana Blues.
Do not feel obliged, you don't need to record a station-ID to get your music played at Bandana Blues, you can be sure of that.
But it is fun and easy, so if you feel like doing it, check the simple specifications on the station-ID page.

Spinner is looking forward to hear from you!
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