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How it started
In the summer of 1991 Beardo and his wife Susan organized a small blues festival in the area of his stompin' grounds in south-eastern Pennsylvania, USA. The availability of charcoal grills to be used by the festival visitors gave the happening its appropriate name: "BANDANA BLUES BBQ". With its second edition the next year, it became an annual event until 2008.
Due to the sad and sudden demise of Susan in early 2009, which was a devastating blow for Beardo, the 18th annual in 2008 turned out to be the last edition.
Bandana's hot sauce
Also in the nineties, Beardo produced a line of hot sauces, based on his own recipes with all natural ingredients.
He launched it under the brand name "Bandana's".
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Bandana Blues on Live365
In December 1999 Beardo started broadcasting on the internet. Every saturday late at night, after he got home from work, he presented a blues program 'on the air' as a live stream on Live365 and calling the program "BANDANA BLUES". When Beardo's long time Dutch friend Spinner came to visit in December 2003, they decided to start working together on the radio shows from both sides of the Atlantic ocean. And so it became "BANDANA BLUES, with Beardo & Spinner".
Podcasting in the 21ste century
When podcasting became the 'new thing', Beardo started looking into it and since April 2005 the boys have been producing a Bandana Blues podcast every week, making it available for streaming and download. Over the years Beardo & Spinner have produced more than 700 Bandana Blues shows together, plus a number of other music podcasts and a few oddities. Most of all this material is still available today for download or streaming at the podcast page on the LibSyn platform. And free of charge!
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Another sad event
On September 17, 2017 Beardo suddenly, unexpectedly passed away. He left a huge void and is still missed enormously. After this sad event Spinner decided to continue the podcast on his own as a tribute to his dear friend and founder of Bandana Blues and to preserve the legacy. And also for the loyal listeners to the podcast located in many different corners of the world. Beardo wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
So since Show #710 (October 2017) it is "BANDANA BLUES - founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner".

For the love of music
BANDANA BLUES is an independent not-for-profit labor of love serving the globe from the international city of peace and justice in The Netherlands. BANDANA BLUES is kept afloat by donations from its audience.

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