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How to subscribe

Never miss an episode of Bandana Blues: subscribe to the podcast!

If you subscibe to the Bandana Blues podcast you don't have to manually download the episodes anymore. Every new episode gets downloaded automatically to your device as soon as it is made available online. And it's also free!

Podcast-app or podcatcher
All you need is a podcast-app or podcatcher on your device, which can be a laptop or desktop computer or a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone. Many podcast-apps will not only take care of the downloading proces, but can also play the podcast episodes. So in that case you won't need a seperate mp3-player-app to listen to the shows, which might be convenient on mobile devices like your smartphone.
There are plenty of podcast-apps available on the net and in the app stores, often free (with optional paid upgrades).

After you have installed the podcast-app of your choice, you might want to change the settings to your preferences. Then search for "Bandana Blues" and hit 'subscribe' (or 'follow' in some apps) when it appears.

Then, every time you open the app, it will automatically download the new Bandana Blues episode. Or it might already be there, when you have set the app to be active in the background as soon as you start up your device. Once a Bandana Blues episode is on your device, you can listen to it offline without using data.
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