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Enjoy Bandana Blues on your mobile device
With Stitcher you can get the freshest episodes of the Bandana Blues podcasts streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad. As soon as a new show is posted on the Libsyn-page, you can listen to it on your mobile device. You can even enjoy previous episodes of Bandana Blues.
All you need is the Stitcher app. It is available for both iOS and Android, and it is FREE.

Download the app from your app store to your mobile device, install it, tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner, type Bandana Blues in the search field and you're ready to go.
You will be able to listen to Bandana Blues whenever and wherever you want.
For more information, check out

What about data usage?
Stitcher is set up by default to only download when Wi-Fi is available so you don’t need to worry about excessive data usage.

Plus, Stitcher also has an offline listening feature, so you can listen to Bandana Blues everywhere without an Internet connection. Wanna know know it works? Check out "Offline listening: How to listen to Stitcher without an Internet connection" in the FAQ at

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